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THE SHED - Interview with Emma Enderby

June 1, 2021

Emma Enderby is the Chief Curator at The Shed at Hudson Yards, a unique art institution with a bold vision of and for the century we are in.

In this fascinating interview, Emma talks passionately about the guiding principles that helped building the program and how “artists can tell us realities of our time; stories of the past can predict the future, so important in helping us understand the moment that we are in.” We discuss what makes good art; her personal taste in art as well as books and artists that inspire her, among them Agnes Denes and Hilma af Klint.

Commissions are at the heart of The Shed’s mission -- one prime example being their annual “Open Call,” which opens on June 3 this year. “Open Call” is a series of exhibitions and events aimed at providing invaluable support, visibility, and recognition to New York's early-career artists, working across all forms and media. This year “Open Call” received 1,500 proposals and features 27 artists. 

The Shed's remarkably innovative design is at the core of its support of artists’ visions and the work they create – from hip hop to classical music, visual art to literature, film to theatre or dance, and beyond, all under one roof. Or in this case, no roof is an option!  

Photo: Scott Rudd Events © 2018



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