Art Insiders New York Podcast hosted by Anders Holst

STUDIO 54 AND JANE JACOBS - Interview with film director Matt Tyrnauer

August 27, 2019

Studio 54 was an infamous nightclub that defined an era. Almost 50 years later, it has become fodder for American filmmaker and Vanity Fair correspondent, Matt Tyrnauer. The award-winning documentarian shares the impetus behind his 2018 film, Studio 54, about the notorious nightspot. We also discuss Matt Tyrnauer’s other New York-centered documentary, Citizen Jane: Battle for the City (2016), about Jane Jacobs, famed author of the book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities and an activist who is credited with saving Soho from powerful city-planner, Robert Moses’ dreaded Lower Manhattan Expressway. Matt Tyrnauer just recently release his latest documentary: "Where is my Roy Cohn". 


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