Art Insiders New York Podcast hosted by Anders Holst


December 7, 2019

Life in New York is defined by art. Outside of every doorstep, coffee shop, or train station lays a fossil of creative artifact. Art Insiders New York is a journey of exploration into this fascinating world of art, design and architecture.

Here, you meet people who are making an impact on the cultural landscape of the city. Through in-depth interviews, we offer behind-the scenes perspective into New York’s most visionary fields. The choice of people interviewed and topics of discussion are intentionally broad. Some of the episodes relate to current events and others have a historic perspective, considering the evolution of the New York art world.

This podcast is designed for the art outsider – those who have little expertise, but are curious to learn and as a result, hope to have a more fulfilling art experience.

Anders Holst

The Host of Art Insiders New York, Anders Holst has lived in New York for over 20 years. The Swedish émigré has spent a lifetime feeding his passion for creativity. After two decades spent in the corporate world, Anders began a career as a singer/songwriter. With four albums released, the latest "Endlessly" reaching #47 on the Smooth Jazz Top 100 Album Chart and an American Smooth Jazz award nomination, as well as a successful career as a SAG/AFTRA member in the field of voice over and on camera (, Anders has slowly endeavored to make his mark on the art world.

The Art Insiders New York podcast is an expression of his passion for the arts.


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